Alex Dominguez

Chief Strategy Officer, Four Stones Real Estate, LLC

Alex Dominguez is the Chief Strategy Officer of Four Stones Real Estate. After 26 years, Alex retired from his role as Senior Director of Real Estate at Chick-fil-A. He helped grow Chick-fil-A from a regional chain with just over $360M in sales, to over 2,000 locations generating over $10B in annual revenue.

Alex’s passion has been focused on the Westside of Atlanta, one of the poorest neighborhoods in Georgia. Using his creative problem-solving skills and real estate acumen he works with local government and nonprofit organizations to help resolve significant social issues.

In 1983, Alex graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science with an emphasis in Real Estate. As a child, Alex immigrated from Cuba and grew up in Florida. He and his wife, Jayne, have three children and two granddaughters.